Course Overview

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This course takes you through the essentials for all three components of the Leaving Cert French exam: Oral, written and aural.


For preparation for the oral exam, you will find short sample answers on a range of personal topics such as school, family, pastimes etc., as well some on current affairs topics like unemployment and gender equality. These can be chopped and changed to suit your own situation/ opinions.


For the written exam, you will find notes on comprehension preparation, including general tips and tricks, and advice on grammar-specific questions.

There are also tips and tricks for the composition element of the exam, with advice, vocabulary and sample answers for the opinion pieces and the journal intime.


You will find tips and tricks for answering the aural component of the exam.


There is also detailed notes on the conjugation of verbs in all tenses, as well as the subjunctive and conditional moods, which are essential for success in all three elements of the examination.