Sample: Cell Structure and Function


Cell Membrane – Plasma Membrane
  • Description: The plasma membrane is a semi-permeable membrane, meaning it allows certain substances to pass through but not others
  • Functions:
    • It provides shape and support for the cell
    • It is a site for metabolism- receptor proteins on membranes bind to certain hormones
  • Description: The cytoplasm is a watery gel-like solution that suspends the cell organelles
  • Functions: The cytoplasm is a site of metabolism- location where part of chemistry of respiration occurs.
  • Description: A double membrane bound organelles containing threads of chromatin. It is also the largest organelle.
  • Function:
    • Controls all activities of the cell
    • Controls DNA replication and division of nucleus

  • Description: A sac containing cell sap (fluid)
  • Function: It stores food, water etc.
Cell Wall
  • Description: Made of cellulose, tough but flexible, fully permeable( allows all things to pass through)
  • Function: Provides strength and support for plant, prevents plant cells from bursting due to intake of water